Pink Panache

Our Story

Hi. We’re sisters, DeeDee Plank and Noelle Plank Salmon, the fuel behind Pink Panache. Being in business with your sister isn’t always a cakewalk. The combination of our distinct personalities and design styles is what makes a Pink Panache piece so recognizable. We are constantly challenging one another. It’s in those moments of divergence that we fuse our styles together. The end result is a constantly evolving collection of retro-artisan jewelry, difficult to put a label on. Every distinct piece we create is handcrafted in Dallas, Texas with metals from the U.S. and a stunning array of beads from every corner of the world. Our family extends beyond us. Every boutique we partner with becomes a member of our family. Without their success, we miss out on the indescribable feeling that comes from hearing a shopper ask, “Is that a Pink Panache?”.

We don’t let our age define us. It certainly doesn’t define our jewelry!